Residenсе on Vavilova st.





2015 - 2018


61,000 m²

The new multi-apartment residential complex with a total area of 61 000 sq.m, with kindergarten and flexible purpose areas, is located at the address: Moscow, Donskoy district, Vavilova Street, lot.4. The sold area of apartments will make not less than 30,000 sq.m and will include about 350 apartments. The arrangement of 481 parking lots is supposed. The building is designed with underground parking, effective layouts, qualitative entrance group and landscaping design of the adjacent territory.


Scope of works:
Design stage: Project and Working Documentation.

Project chapters: HVAC, WS&S, EL, BMS, LC, Energy Efficiency.

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Residenсе on Vavilova st.

Floor 3, entrance '9A' , block 1, bld 1,
Skladochnaya street, BP 'Stankolit',
Moscow, Russia, 127018

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