Moscow City Plot 15





2015 - 2016


315 000 m²

The mixed-use complex located on Plot 15 as a part of Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" is formed by two towers and common podium part built on the existing foundation. The underground part of the building consisting of 6 floors includes parking, technical and utility rooms, a loading zone, and retail areas.


The design is assumes allocation of offices in the high-rise part of the Complex, and above ground parking, administration premises and the conference center – in the podium zone. The complex also includes apartments, SPA with a pool, and a restaurant.


Skydeck and restaurant terraces are located on the roof. 


Height - 286 m. Number of floors - 50 aboveground and 6 underground.


Scope of works

Design stage: Working Documentation.

Project chapters: HVAC, WS&S, EL, BMS, LC.

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Moscow City Plot 15

Floor 3, entrance '9A' , block 1, bld 1,
Skladochnaya street, BP 'Stankolit',
Moscow, Russia, 127018

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