Residence on Marshala Zakharova st.





2015 - 2016


78,204 m²

The project provides construction of 6-section multi-floor multiroom houses with an underground two-level parking and built-in non-residential premises at the address: Russian Federation, Moscow, Marshala Zakharova St., lot. 7.


The building consists of six sections: The 1-5th sections - 24-floor residential sections with the ground floor for commerce; The 6th section - 3-floor attached section for commerce.


Scope of works:

Design stage: Project and Working Documentation.

Project chapters: HVAC, WS&S, EL, BMS, LC, Energy Efficiency.

Residence on Marshala Zakharova st.

Entrance "A", block 9, bld 7, Derbenevskaya Naberezhnaya, BD "Novospassky", Moscow

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