District "Domashniy"

Moscow, Marjino




2015 - 2017


157 400 m²

District "Domashniy" is a new residential quarter having buildings of comfort and economy classes located in Maryino area.


The project of large-scale development in Donetskaya st., lot. 30 is implemented in several stages. The first stage of construction includes:


Residential buildings:

  • Low-rise ones of 6, 9, 13 floors;

  • Towers of 25 and 32 floors;

  • Kindergarten with 190 places;

  • School with 875 places;

  • Above-ground and underground parking lots.


Scope of works:

Design stage: Project and Working Documentation.

Project chapters: HVAC, WS&S, EL, BMS, LC, Energy Efficiency.

District "Domashniy"

Entrance "A", block 9, bld 7, Derbenevskaya Naberezhnaya, BD "Novospassky", Moscow

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