Bouninsky Meadows Residence





2015 - 2017


12,587 m²

Residential complex "Bouninsky Meadows" is an extension of a real estate development of the area. The project provides construction of three 18-floor towers with the ground commercial floor. Groceries, cafes, public service centers, beauty salons and many other objects of commercial and consumer services will be located on the ground floors of the buildings for the residents convenience.


Scope of works:

Design stage: Concept Review, Project and Working Documentation.

Project chapters: HVAC, WS&S, EL, BMS, LC, Energy Efficiency.

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Bouninsky Meadows Residence

Floor 3, entrance '9A' , block 1, bld 1,
Skladochnaya street, BP 'Stankolit',
Moscow, Russia, 127018

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